Current Exhibition

Nathan Lyons: Final Chapter

In honor of the renowned photographer, educator, lecturer, author, and curator Nathan Lyons, Bruce Silverstein is pleased to present, in association with Affirmation Arts, Nathan Lyons: Final Chapter. This exhibition marks the first occasion that this legendary artist’s color photographs will be seen by the public. It represents the fifth and final installment of a photographic opus spanning five decades, illustrating the artist’s intention of creating and transmitting a unique visual language through photography. This exclusive first look will be a prelude to his upcoming exhibition at the George Eastman Museum in 2019.

It is no understatement to posit that few people have had as much impact on photography in America in the second half of the twentieth century as Nathan Lyons. The tremendous support which Lyons provided to contemporary photographers through his significant exhibitions programming and publications expanded the audience for photography. The current exhibition provides a unique opportunity to discover something yet again new from this venerable practitioner, as these never-before-seen images illuminate the world before our eyes.

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