Amazon Hope A Gathering of Xingu Indigenous Leaders, Scientists and Artists

Public Reception Friday October 11th

Exhibition will be on view October 11th to November 15th, M-F 10am-6pm.


At present rates, the southern Amazon’s forests will be gone by 2030 along with the livelihoods of the indigenous people who depend on them.  The Xingu region of Brazil is ground zero of an Amazonian tipping point, where deforestation and climate change threaten to transform tropical forests into open and degraded landscapes. This forest is home to the Xingu Nation, direct descendants of pre-Columbian civilizations who practice sophisticated forest and land management techniques and maintain centuries-old cultural traditions.

Today, the existence of Xingu Nation is threatened by economic development and global warming. They live in the center of the arc of deforestation where degradation is the worst in the world. If there is any hope to avert this rapidly unfolding cultural and ecological disaster, we must act now.

The Pennywise Foundation and Affirmation Arts invite you to Amazon Hopes: a gathering of Xingu indigenous leaders, scientists and artists, that will raise support for the preservation of their cultural heritage and their preparation for changing environmental conditions.  Amazon Hopes will celebrate the Xingu through art and connect the Xingu Nation with friends and project partners to strengthen and invigorate their efforts to survive the changes that lie ahead.