The Camera Club of New York's Annual Photo Benefit Auction

The Camera Club of New York (CCNY) will hold its 9th Annual Silent Photo Benefit Auction on Thursday, October 2, 6–8pm at Affirmation Arts, 523 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018.

Since 2006, CCNY’s Silent Photo Benefit Auction has built a reputation among serious collectors and photo enthusiasts for its wide range of work, focusing both on outstanding established and emerging photographers.

This year’s auction will include sections curated by Elisabeth Biondi, independent curator and former visuals editor for the New Yorker; Matthew Leifheit, a photographer, writer, publisher of MATTE, and photo editor of Vice; Saul Robbins, photographer and educator; and Allen Frame, photographer, educator, and President of the Board of CCNY.

A set of limited edition prints for CCNY by Zoë Buckman, Pradeep Dalal, Pierre Le Hors, Pixy Yijun Liao, Vanessa Marsh, Robert Marshall, and Jonno Rattman will also be launched at the auction this year.

Watch the video here.

Preview the auction here.

One of New York's oldest arts organizations, the Camera Club (CCNY) has been a home for photographers to develop their craft, providing both a working facility and collegial environment for discussion and the exchange of ideas. The Club is dedicated to continuing its long tradition of welcoming both photographers and devotees of photography and encouraging their participation through memberships, classes, lectures, exhibitions and residency program. Since its founding in 1884, the club has nurtured many talented photographers whose careers cover a wide range of disciplines, including portraiture, photojournalism, fashion, street photography, advertising, documentary and fine art.