"Charity Meets Fashion" with Honor Vitae and toilet.hackers

Honor Vitae and toilet.hackers present “Charity Meets Fashion”, a benefit & awareness event hosted by Sasha Cohen at Affirmation Arts. Featuring a fashion show by Giorgi Nazgaidze and photographs by Ika Perveli, the objective of this event is to raise funds to acquire a building in or around Tbilisi, Georgia. This building will house a school for Georgian children displaced by conflict.

Honor Vitae’s vision is to provide an environment in which children are educated, cherished and loved. To that end, our mission is to collaborate with other non-profit sectors that involve engaging educational and cultural enrichment of communities around the world, as well as fighting against hunger and injustice.

toilet.hackers is here to change the scoop on poop. We believe that every child should live past their first birthday, every person should have clean water to drink, and that 100% of humanity should have access to improved sanitation and good hygiene.